PEECC operates in the local community in various capacities addressing a variety of basic needs in the social realm of disadvantaged populations including but not limited to services in the following area:
We also offer services in:

Housing Assistance: Disseminating information on the obligations of tenant and landlord; instruction on signing a lease, locating housing; arranging for emergency, short-term housing or shelter.

Transportation Assistance: Providing assistance with public transportation insofar as bus scheduling and routing from residence to place of employment and/or other transportation needs. This includes the formation of car pools or entering into existing car pools, providing bus tokens etc.

Childcare: Assisting with finding affordable, safe child care services where needed, including how to interview child care workers.

Health Services: Finding and making referrals for health services – clinics, hospitals, health centers, private practitioners for medical, dental or mental health problems. Providing information on how to obtain medical insurance.

Social Services: Providing assistance in obtaining Supplemental Security Income, food stamps, or other referrals to counseling on personal adjustment problems, family planning, marriage counseling etc.

Legal Services: Providing information and referrals on workers rights, legal rights and legal assistance; help with claims, worker’s compensation, etc.

Emergency Services: Providing methods for securing subsistence sponsorship of clients through existing community agencies (e.g. referrals to food and clothing banks).

Citizenship Information: Providing assistance in acquiring drivers’ licenses, ID cards, birth certificates, insurance etc.; Information on consumer laws; local state and federal taxes and other laws; assistance or referral in filing income tax returns and Selective Service and voter registration procedures.

Other Training Opportunities: Providing information about eligibility criteria and current openings with appropriate programs for clients and the availability of such training programs.

Other Educational Opportunities: Providing assistance in returning to school or enrolling in high schools, basic, education, vocational schools, college, etc.

Other Community Services: Providing advise on recreational facilities, youth clubs, location of various churches, etc.