Career Services from PEECC


PEECC’s staff comprises of a pool of professional and knowledgeable consultants who combine their individual talents and skills to help each individual participant passing through any of the programs offered by PEECC bring out the best qualities in themselves.

A number of volunteer workers also make up the team of PEECC’s staff. These are individuals that dedicate quality time for a good cause. Volunteer workers serve as mentors, coaches, drivers, speakers etc., and they engage in service as program staffing needs permit.

PEECC’s selective criteria for new hires are based on the following.
  • We believe in giving individuals the opportunity to show initiative
  • We welcome and encourage creativity
  • We expect responsible action from all
  • We strive for clear, open and honest communication
  • We recognize and reward outstanding performance
  • We support a perpetual quest for knowledge through continuous education

If you are interested in working as a volunteer or consultant on one of PEECC’s programs, you can send an open solicitation, including your resume to:
Attn.: Human Resources
2961-A Hunter Mill Rd. Suite 801
Oakton, VA 22124