PEECC advocates policies and practices that promote non- violence, crime prevention and accountability and safety awareness in the local community. Our programs help generate confidence and a sense of security.

PEECC designs programs and develop activities that help stimulate community involvement and generate confidence in comprehensive crime prevention activities. PEECC strives to develop and implement effective crime prevention strategies.

PEECC encourages young people to take a leadership position in tackling and helping to resolve community problems that are violent in nature.

PEECC seek to partner with local businesses, state and federal agencies in an joint effort to eradicate crime.

Provide Information on the Dangers Drug Abuse

Additionally, PEECC stimulates awareness among its target population on the use, misuse and abuse of drugs in their various forms, whether it be prescription drugs, hard drugs or soft drugs. PEECC provides information on the consequences one can face by using drugs wrongfully. Information is provided on the ills of substance dependence.

PEECC informs clients on the most common reasons for drug testing in sports, employment and other areas and how to obtain and where to go for treatment. PEECC will provides counseling for those in need and act as an intermediary between clients and organizations that provide treatment or more specialized counseling on how to overcome and recover from substance abuse.

Rehabilitate (ex-)offenders through Education

PEECC develop programs that will stimulate ex-convicts and ex-offenders to become productive citizens and not resort to re-offending. Our efforts will include developing and applying sophisticated methods to access the learning needs of these individuals. PEECC will provide Basic Skills training, case management and tracking for our program participants falling in this category of citizens. We will act as an intermediary in the job search and placement efforts of the individual. PEECC will liaise with probation services, prisons and rehabilitation centers in its effort to help improve the quality of life of the ex-offender. We will identify and address the economical and social barriers that convicts face and the structural disadvantages that is wrought with racism and bias against them.