Our employment and vocational training programs provide unique opportunities for people from mainly low-income families to become and stay gainfully employed and thereby helping them become self-sufficient.

PEECC specializes in the design of employment training programs that are used by different groups within our target population. These groups vary anywhere from the disadvantaged, veterans, out-of-school youth to single parents.

PEECC’s Employment Training Program encompass resume writing, honing job search skills, providing limited employment placement and follow-up services.

Our Vocational Trades Preparation (VTP) program provides an opportunity for our target population in non-traditional occupations to be influenced to become gainfully employed in careers with a small representation of highly skilled trade workers.

The VTP program uses a comprehensive approach to vocational trade education that engages high school students in an in-depth and hands-on examination of career opportunities and apprenticeships. While some may initially think of vocational studies as a non-degree course, the VTP approach strives to reach all program participants

The program provides the individual with basic skills and work readiness, in a contextual learning environment, which enables them to set goals for a broad range of academic and career opportunities in a broad base of industry sectors.

Program participants with the desire to pursue long-term academic studies, build upon concepts learned in vocational training. This is done by treating the study of vocational trades as a theme which can be examined through many disciplines, such as history, math, health, language and visual arts and of course science.

PEECC’s vocational program encourages collaboration between clients, businesses, teachers, and administrators alike. Clients are encouraged to work in teams, chronicle their experiences, and present their findings in a variety of media, for example videos, poetry, published articles, historical case studies, opinion surveys and websites. Clients work together to create a project-based activity that allow them to build a working model utilizing learned trade skills.

The hands-on supported work environment includes daily guidance and support mechanisms to provide an accelerated approach to enhancing our clients labor market value.

The curriculum reinforces life skills in the context of structured vocational experience. After completing the Job Readiness Training, eligible customers are engaged in skills development training.

By providing promising employment opportunities appropriate to individual interest and skills, participation and motivation are positively influenced. Clients effectively understand the labor market, embrace the “work smarter” approach and master complex job-hunting skills.