The backbone of every community stems from the strength of the families that it is comprised of. Therefore, having healthy, informed and educated family units is the key to a prosperous community..

PEECC provides a wide range of supportive services to families that are at risk of separation or otherwise. Our objective is to strengthen the family unit by helping them address issues that create ongoing challenges in their lives.

PEECC’s main objective as far as the family is concerned, is to provide a comprehensive service delivery package that will help to foster healthy family development. We want to prevent families from entering juvenile justice, homeless systems etc. by working with them in a proactive, preventive manner.

PEECC is working in collaboration with other community based organizations and government agencies, to provide crisis intervention services to vulnerable populations, prevent neglect, abuse and exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

We assist individuals and families who are in a crisis and at high risk for family separation. We aim to improve family functioning and long term stability through advocacy, counseling, coaching and life skills.

Our family programs offer real solutions to most of the problems faced by families in a crisis.