We create sustainable diversified global learning exchanges particularly with islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean and the tri-state metropolitan area of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

The historical focus of PEECC’s cultural program is to stimulate interest in the history of the islands of the Caribbean, in particular the Netherlands Antilles, during the colonial period and the islands direct relationship with the United states, especially St. Eustatius, during that time.

The program has a secondary function to enhance tourism economic development through the positive experience of the exchange students and their families.

The historical cultural and ecological components of PEECC provide a unique experience and field trip experience for students of all ages. The efforts of the Department of Education in the Netherlands Antilles, in particular the island of St. Maarten, are directed to providing American students with hands-on classroom experience between the schools of St. Maarten and the selected pilot program schools in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.