PEECC provides educational programs for academic enrichment for basic skills mastery through a mixture of activities of remedial subjects and hands-on training.

Our main objective in the development of educational programs incorporates helping individuals reach their full potential by instigating effective strategies, formulas and instruments, using constructive plans and by implementing a series of tried and tested policies and procedures that are goal-oriented.

PEECC designs programs that provide tutorials for those in need of remedial support, as well as academic enrichment for basic skill mastery through a variety of challenging activities in a blend of basic subjects.

The design and delivery of PEECC’s programs incorporates our signature Achievement Through Life and Academic Skills® (ATLAS) model to ensure structured, nurturing opportunities.

Supplemental services include restructuring supportive educational services to ensure progression and mastery in reading, language arts and mathematics as measured by the local assessment system. Standards are set to ensure a level of quality and effectiveness for each client’s professional preparation. Criteria are defined to clearly identify program outcomes.

PEECC is committed to improving educational achievement by supporting clients to be successful while developing their potential as citizens and leaders. We strive to ensure employability in our efforts to develop innovative and effective approaches to serving populations who face multiple barriers.

PEECC’s educational programs are designed to meet the basic standards as outlined in the No Child Left Behind Act. We are guided by the principles of NCLB in helping students reach their potential through individualized service strategies.