Progressive Educational Experiences in Cooperative Cultures

PEECC is the Progressive Education Experiences in Cooperative Cultures organization that aims to develop and implement programs that are pro-social, educational and which help improve the quality of life in general for the disadvantaged and underprivileged.


PEECC provides educational programs for academic enrichment for basic skills mastery through a mixture of activities of remedial subjects and hands-on training.


Our employment and vocational training programs provide unique opportunities for people from primarily low-income families to become and stay gainfully employed and thereby helping them become self-sufficient.

Crime Prevention

PEECC advocates policies and practices that promote non- violence, crime prevention and accountability and safety awareness in the local community. Our programs help generate confidence and a sense of security.


The backbone of every community lies in the strength of itsfamilies. Therefore, having healthy, informed and educated family units is the key to a prosperous community.


PEECC strives to improve the quality of life through stimulating environmental awareness and encouraging community members in becoming actively involved in environmental related issues in their community.

Cultural Exchange

We create sustainable diversified global learning exchanges particularly with islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean and the tri-state metro- politan area of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.
“For every cultural exchange, there is a new friend made.” - PEECC Founder, Sara Stone.